10/10 Info available now for a new clients again -> Order here! (Confirmed date: Tuesday 16.01.20180

FixBet team is happy to offer for a new customers (probably last chance to join our grup) next 10/10 Bet  ! Match Info will take place on coming Wednesday 24th January 2018 -> great chance to earn a nice money for the good start of New Year !

We will offer only first hand source info- maximum confidence of win .

Payment AFTER WIN to be transfered via online methods (skrill,paysafecard,neteller etc).

Price will depends of final odd. Pricelist below (decimal odds)

Odd between 4-5: 150 e

Odd around 6-7: 250 e

Odd 8 until 10: 350 e

Odd 10 and above: 450 e

If you accept this deal (which means you will bet& win& pay for info-> according to pricelist above): please type your email in form below and click on “Order”.


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Welcome on FixBet.eu !1

FixBet.eu – Your source to a real unbeatable infos !

Here is the place where experienced gamblers shares theirs secret knowledge based on infos which are not available for public sector.

We are naturally not the newcomers- all of our team members have been in betting niche for many years. We used to work for Sportsbooks and later did many other private projects with one target- reach a nice and safe win all the time. These days with joined forces we are able to offer ONLY for limited number of customers a quality bets like you won’t find (probably) anywhere else.

If you are still reading it- then for sure you have 2 questions:

*  How it is possible to have a safe win?  -Because we share only hardly gained info (for a big amount) based on first hand sources which are inside a betting niche and knows much more, no way to compare with simple bets based on analyses, team injures etc.

*  Why we share it to customers ? After years of sacrificies we would like to limit our work and risk so we are playing less (avoding problems with withdraws of big sums). That’s why we are open for a some new cooperators.

Third question is naturally about common trust- How we can prove you that is worth to try us ?

*  Here nobody will try to swindle your money because we know exactly how it feels, we wasted a lot of money for a fake sources: so to be fair to build a trust from time to time we can consider to accept payment after win (no payment=no further cooperation). And our prices don’t require a high bankroll for start- simply 50-60 euro is even enough.

To prove that we have a reliable sources: we released some VIDEO Proves. Screens can be easy photoshoped but on our videos you can see that we really play.

Find out more:

– 10/10 Offer description

– Next expected 1...

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